Announcement of Student Free Days

March 25, 2024

The Idemitsu Museum of Arts will hold “Student Free Days” during the first week of each exhibition, Part I-IV of “The Path of the Idemitsu Museum of Arts̶From Here and Beyond.” Students can enter the Museum with free admission during this period (excluding days when the Museum is closed). We hope more students will have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the Museum. This event is only held within the Idemitsu Museum of Arts and is not applicable to all art museums located around Tokyo Station.

Event Period

*Excluding days when the Museum is closed.

The Path of the Idemitsu Museum of Arts̶From Here and Beyond

Ⅰ Reviving the Inaugural Exhibition̶Sengai, Ko-Garatsu, Chinese Ceramics, the Orient
April 23 (Tue) – April 29 (Mon/Holiday), 2024
Ⅱ Idemitsu Sazo and the Resonance of Beauty̶Itaya Hazan, Kosugi Hōan, and Georges Rouault
June 1 (Sat) – June 7 (Fri), 2024
*The Museum is closed on June 3 (Mon)
Ⅲ Masterpieces of Japanese and Chinese Ceramics̶Rediscoveries in the Collection
July 20 (Sat) – July 26 (Fri), 2024
*The Museum is closed on July 22 (Mon)
Ⅳ One Thing Leads to Another̶From the “Illustrated Stories on Courtier Ban Dainagon” to Itō Jakuchū
September 7 (Sat) – September 13 (Fri), 2024
*The Museum is closed on September 9 (Mon)

Exhibition Schedule 2024

Visitors Applicable to the Event

High School, Undergraduate College, Graduate College, Vocational School, or Preparatory School Students
Please present your valid student ID or commuting pass at the General Information desk
*Copied and expired IDs are not valid

Below are visitors not applicable to the Event
-Non-Degree Student (including attendees of The Open University of Japan)
 *Regular Students are eligible for Student Free Days
-Auditing Students of Undergraduate or Graduate Colleges
-Attendees of Adult Educational Schools organized by Colleges
-Attendees of Adult Educational Classes
-Students on leave of absence