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April 13 (Tue)–May 30 (Sun), 2021 April 25 (Sun), 2021

270th Anniversary of the Birth of Matsudaira Fumai
The Esthetics of Cha no Yu

The practice of drinking tea was introduced from China with Zen Buddhism. It reflected the esthetics of wabi and sabi, as it formed a distinctive Japanese tea culture during the course of its development over time. As cha no yu or the art of tea ceremony developed, many art pieces were appreciated and used for the practice. This year marks the 370th year of the birth of Matsudaira Fumai (Harusato, 1751–1818). This exhibition will select and showcase masterpieces of cha no yu from the Idemitsu collection, including Unshū Kurachō (Inventory of the Unshū Storehouse).

The Esthetics of Cha no Yu

June 15 (Tue)–August 22 (Sun), 2021  Exhibition Suspended
The Brilliance of Japanese Art -Byōbu-e and Hand-painted Ukiyo-e

Part I: June 15 (Tue) –July 11 (Sun) , 2021
Part II: July 20 (Tue) –August 22 (Sun) , 2021

The broad brilliant painting surface of byōbu-e (folding painting screens) enables the painter to vividly depict beautiful natural scenery and life of the people. In hand-painted ukiyo-e, artists themselves directly transmit glaring colors and energetic movements through their own paintbrushes. The history of Japanese painting is characterized by brilliant colors and radiance. This exhibition will introduce a world filled with brilliance, with masterpieces including the newly acquired “Chōjū Kaboku-zu Byōbu (Mosaic Screens of Birds, Animals and Flowering Plants)” , formerly in the Etsuko and Joe Price collection (Price Foundation).

The Brilliance of Japanese Art

September 14 (Tue)–December 12 (Sun), 2021  Exhibition Suspended
150th Anniversary of Birth Georges Rouault

Part I: September 14 (Tue) –October 24 (Sun) , 2021
Part II: October 30 (Sat) –December 12 (Sun) , 2021

Georges Rouault (1871–1958), is one of the representative French artists of the twentieth century, and his works have captured the hearts of the people transcending country and religion. Rouault discovered in Christian faith, salvation from society filled with contradictions and disasters of war. This exhibition will feature the artist’s representative works from the Idemitsu collection, such as his oil painting series of “Passion” and copperplate prints of “Miserere” that depict his deep and sublime world reflecting his faith. There will also be a special display section that reviews the Museum’s history of the acquisition of works by Rouault.

Georges Rouault

January 18 (Tue)–March 21 (Mon), 2022
Idemitsu Sazo and His Collection— Looking into His Esthetics

“My life has always been led by art.” These are the words of Idemitsu Sazo—the founder of Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.—when he used to describe his life. His collection centered around antique items of Eastern art, but he also ardently acquired more contemporary items created by artists such as Kosugi Hōan, Itaya Hazan and Georges Rouault. He remained faithful to his beliefs, as he tried to form a collection for the establishment of an art museum with the scope that could overlook Eastern art. This exhibition will trace Sazo’s esthetic perspective through the masterpieces he acquired.

Idemitsu Sazo and His Collection